The Association presents the following educational publications: “Lemon Law Basics”; “Tips for Car Buyers”; “How to Prepare for an Arbitration Hearing”; “Hiring a Lemon Law Attorney”; “Consumer Tips for Warranty Repairs”; “Manufacturer Lemon Law & Arbitration Participation Tips”; “Used Car Buying Guide”, and "Written Notice and Opportunity to Repair or Cure."  Each publication can be downloaded and printed using Adobe« Reader.

The purpose of these brochures is to provide general information to consumers and other interested persons about state lemon laws and dispute resolution programs.  The information contained in these brochures is intended to be generic and is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to the laws and requirements of any particular state, country or organization, or to any particular dispute resolution program.  Persons seeking more detailed information about a particular state’s Lemon Law, or a particular dispute resolution program should contact the applicable governmental or program authority.

Last Updated: May 2018
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